Step 1

You began to feel pain and fatigue more than ever, you are not sure what is happening, but you hurt and you’re tired. You can hold a job, you can make it through the day, but you know something is wrong … it is something that you will start to search.

2nd step

You are in a lot of pain, sometimes taking an anti-inflammatory drug, or what you have. You do not get much relief, and you accepted the fact that this is something you’re going for a while. you feel a lot of pain and you’re exhausted almost every day, but for most, you go ahead and keep a job, can still go to events, spending time with friends and family, and have a good time here and There.

step 3

You are in constant pain, you are constantly tired, you wonder if you will still be able to function normally again. You do not plan to work, because you no longer have the energy that you have had, you come home from work and all you can do is rest. You must refuse invitations, you have no energy and you need rest just to come back tomorrow. In this stage you start feeling more alone and more and more people begin to think you whine too. This stage can last a long time, perhaps years.

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step 4

You are in pain constantly all the time, the good days are few. You call in sick more work you do the same. You’re in bed much of the day. When you have a good day you take advantage of it, and do as much as you can, all the things you have left in recent weeks poke you in the day, knowing that tomorrow you are going to pay for it. Your flares last for days. At this time your friends make plans without you, they already know your excuses and are almost certain that you will not be able to join. Your family begins to think that you use fibromyalgia as an excuse not to do things, because the steps 1-3 you were able to do a lot of what you can not do now. They think that you use your illness as an excuse, you feel alone, isolated, anxious, emotional, sad. This stage can last for years.

step 5

Have you been dismissed or have left your job, you have questions about permanent disability and how long it takes to get it. You have heard horror stories about people being denied and the process takes years. You are having trouble making ends meet. Maybe have someone taking care of you. You spend much of your day in bed, even if you always take advantage of a good date occasionally. You are bad, very bad, you cry a lot, you feel like a prisoner in your own body. Right now, you have already told friends that he still feels good to be invited, even if you do not go. You have found that the only people who can relate to you in a similar situation.

Step 6 (the final stage)

You may or may not be still waiting for the disability pension. You can not keep a job. Fibromyalgia is now your lifestyle, most of your friends live with fibromyalgia themselves, everything you do takes all your precious energy, simple daily tasks that you took for granted in the early stages, go to the bathroom, wash your hair, take a shower, dressed, tying your shoes, take all you can give. You are irritated by your hair or clothes touch your skin, you have no energy or desire to put “your face” before going out, no energy to keep a clean house. With all the medicines you are taking or have tried it, you deal with side effects and constant pain.

You are a human being and still enjoy things like watching TV.Guests try to stay up to date on all the news about fibromyalgia in the hope that they are closer to finding a cure. Most of your old friends are not around anymore, they have to do. You need plenty of rest. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at this point, because things pile up around you: bills, laundry, dishes. You do a little every day, you push yourself so you do not feel like your day has been lost in the bed, you feel guilty that you pull over your own weight around the house.Your children, spouse or family do things for you more than ever. They try to do it in a nice way,Also, you know more about fibromyalgia in this stage your own doctor and laugh essentially trying a new drug. You are hopeless same exercise as above, the same results, there is nothing much.

The original post that inspired this page was written by Angela Wise and posted on his page in 2014.

by Wise – Angela

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