Fibromyalgia and teeth problems are aware of these problems

Teeth and fibromyalgia

Most people taking medication for pain, depression and anxiety do not think about this. A dry mouth is a side effect of this drug; Saliva without decay and gum disease are more likely to appear.

Persons with any form of arthritis, inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases or fibromyalgia have a high risk of developing oral diseases such as (but not only) cavity:

more than double the other – periodontal disease ,
bone loss in the jaw – moderate to severe

Extractions – lost an average of 12 teeth (second study)
Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center published their findings linking periodontal disease to autoimmunity, in October 2010. The evidence to explain why flossing prevents periodontal problems and because some people are more affected by this disease than others.

This theory can also be linked to the fact that both the risk of periodontal disease such as autoimmune disorders increase with age.
“In periodontitis gums away from the teeth and form spaces (bags) that will eventually become infected. The immune system fight bacteria while increases “and grows below the gum line. Toxins produced, and body’s natural response to infection begins to undo the bone and tissue connectivo holding the tooth in place. If untreated will be destroyed both bone and gum and tissues. teeth may be loose and have to be removed. ”

Dry mouth feel, thanks to medication, for some years. A year and a half told me that I was beginning to have periodontitis. The hygienist found several teeth ‘pocket’. I brush my teeth twice a day, but to be honest, I just floss in the week prior consultation.
Six months later I went back to the dentist. By then it thread used more frequently and was effective. I was much better.

This week I’m here, back to the office to hear the sermon ‘Because silk’.
He said he was bleeding heavily and said it was normal.
‘People with periodontitis may bleed from the gums during brushing teeth, usually the first sign of trouble. Floss over a week ago that the bleeding stops.

The explanation continued ‘One theory is gum disease can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream to be accommodated in existing fat deposits in blood vessels in the heart. This can cause clots and lead to heart attacks. ”

After cleaning the teeth done and carefully examine the doctor asked if I wanted good news. ‘Of course, I deserve a gold medal.’ I had very good news, the problem was controlled and had to tell the doctor that ‘is my favorite dentist.’

I left the office with a new toothbrush, dental floss and a compliment, ‘teeth are beautiful.’

This is one of the side effects of our “invisible disease”, but they are able to control it 
Drink plenty of water and floss every day.

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