Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease, so the patient has to live with these symptoms throughout life. The support of family and friends is key to make it more bearable this troublesome disease that mainly affects women more than 40 years.

How to do it ? The first step is to know the concept of fibromyalgia, and this way we can understand what is most important, the symptoms that the person who, it suffers from that. However, you should know that fibromyalgia is often trigger other disorders, especially psychologically, so that the patient is probably suffering depressive episodes or anxiety.

Patience and understanding are  basic principles to help those who suffer from fibromyalgia , since in many cases, we have to fulfill their core functions and to understand the many bad times that person can have. However, it is very important  not to protect the patient in excess and that is how you mold the situation and for the future, it will become a person who acts as a disabled when we are not in this case. To avoid this behavior, it is necessary to establish a routine of activities tailored to the patient’s physical condition, we can help and thus strengthen our relationship with that person.

Living with someone that  suffers from fibromyalgia  is not a simple task, because it requires an extra effort to understand what the patient feels it is appropriate to accept the disease every moment and accompany the patient at any time, either help you with any economic activity, support you in the difficult moments of emotion or demand, with great tact and delicacy  When should make an extra effort. Finally, it is important to go to organizations of this disease to know the situation of others and thus learn more about sharing all kinds of experiences with other people suffering from this disease indirectly.

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