These are the symptoms of the incurable fibromyalgia – and so you can treat them.

can symptoms of the incurable fibromyalgia and how to treat them
Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal chronic disease that leads to fatigue, general muscle pain, joint pain and memory problems.
One of the most common rheumatic disease is fibromyalgia and yet there is still no cure.
Symptoms similar to arthritis, it is important that having the understand the signs and risk factors, so you can be sure that will treat the disease properly.
The risk factors of fibromyalgia
Factor 1 – Women are more prone than the male sex
Factor 2 – usually it’s very distressing to watch for the family as the members suffer without being able to do something
Factor 3 – For all who already suffer from arthritis or lupus there is an increased risk of developing fibromyalgia.
Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
General pain and severe tiredness phases are the most common symptoms. Also, in certain parts of the body occur pain. Exhausted as after a hard day’s work.
This also your sleep schedule is affected and this can lead to depression.
In addition, these side effects may occur: headache, abdominal pain, mouth and nose dryness, Hypersensitive to cold, concentration problems, incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome. Numbness, stiffness.
Go definitely to the doctor if you have any of the above symptoms. but that does not mean that you really are suffering from fibromyalgia. The cause may also lie elsewhere.
Treatment of Fibromyalgia
If a doctor determines that you have fibromyalgia, you’ll get one of these drugs:
Analgesics: serves to ensure that your pain be alleviated and help you sleep better at night.
Antidepressants: This medicine reduce the pain and fatigue.
Anticonvulsant : Also this drug leads to the reduction of pain.
For more information on this disease, ask your family doctor. Parts to make this contribution attention to this disease

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